Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help get the permits or is that something I would do?

Yes, we submit and coordinate any necessary plans and documents to the city departments on your behalf to obtain your permit.

After my permits are approved, do they expire?

Permits expire after one year but most city departments will keep them opened for you as long as you communicate with them that you will still be doing the project.

After my permit is approved, how involved are you?

Once the permit is approved our part is done and your contractor and/or Interior Designer takes over if you choose to hire one. However, if your contractor needs anything clarified we are happy to meet with them at no charge to you. We only charge if changes are made and plans need to be updated.

My project requires an additional consultant, do I need to get them myself?

Additional consultants such as: Structural, Civil and Soil Engineers, Landscape Architect and Surveyor we will manage and coordinate with while you pay them directly.

Do you provide Landscape Design?

If the project involves decks, trellises or landings, we are happy to help with your design. However, if you are seeking a design in planting, fencing, pools, etc. we can direct you to a list of recommended landscape architects we have worked with to help you.

Do you provide Interior Design?

We provide floor plans and space planning but we do not provide colors, materials, finishes, etc. You are welcome to hire an Interior Designer to which we have a recommended list we can provide you.

When should I get an Interior Designer on board?

It’s best to have one on board as early as possible so they can help give their input and feedback to achieve your final look while limiting the chance of changes later in the project.

Do you have contractor recommendations?

Yes! We have a long list of people we have worked with over the years and can provide you with their information so you can contact and meet with directly.

How much should my budget be?

We do our best to work within your design budget and can share a worksheet with you to help work through the numbers.

How long will a project like mine take?

It depends on what type of project you have as they vary, but we strive to give you an estimated time to get your permit approved before we can break ground as well as how long the construction itself will take before you’re in your brand new space.