We believe home design is a deeply personal experience with the potential to enrich and uplift people’s lives. That’s why each one of our projects is unique, tailored to the value-driven and lifestyle-oriented specifications of our clients. Your priorities are our priorities. Our job is to listen, imagine and create the home of your dreams.

You Dream It, We Design It


Hyland Design Group provides architectural plans, coordinates with all additional consultants needed, and navigates through the City Departments to help obtain permits. Our process has three phases:


Preliminary Phase

HDG measures the entire inside and outside of the home and drafts “as-built” plans. The design team sketches initial ideas and presents them to the client. Once those sketches have been approved by the client they are drafted into the computer. The client and design team then coordinate to adjust the layout and reach the final design. Once the final design is drafted the client typically interviews 3 contractors to receive initial feedback on the cost of the project.

Phase Two

Construction Document Phase

HDG will finalize the plans and documents (including but not limited to, electrical, HVAC, ventilation, etc.) that are needed for building permits and construction. Coordination with all consultants needed for the project will take place in this phase (ie title 24, Civil, Structural, and Soils Engineers).

Phase Three

Plan Check Phase

The final package of plans and documents are submitted to the City and routed to all necessary departments for review (ie Planning, Building, Fire, Public Works + Geotech). While all departments are reviewing the plans the client will share the package of plans with contractors for final bids. After the initial review, the City departments will send a letter asking for additional information and clarification. The plans are updated and resubmitted for another review. HDG will coordinate with all departments until the plans have been approved and the permit is ready to be issued.